Dear All,


You will have, by now, received the upgraded specifications for your new units, detailing what you can expect when you move into them.


This has been achieved through the robust negotiation of the CGTA Executive over the last few years, and I am sure you will be glad to see that you will receive the following:


• Hormann insulated sectional overhead door, with integral door and glazed panels, and insulated rear door • Altrocrete food-grade resin floor • Kingspan CLEANsafe internal wall linings • Colourcoat PE15 finished insulated roof liner • High bay lighting installation to provide 300 LUX at floor level • 80 Amp three-phase metred electrical supply, terminated within a distribution board • Fire alarm interface panel • IT enabled dedicated cable route for BT line


This is a big improvement on our position just a few weeks ago, but obviously the negotiation process does not end here, because we still firmly believe that our battle is not won until this move, and refit, of our businesses comes at no cost to any tenant.


Every cost should be a cost borne by the development project – not us, and we will continue to try and achieve a like-for-like replacement for every one of our members.


There are still a large number of concerns, of course, about the financial arrangements surrounding the redevelopment. These include the rent, service charge, new lease negotiations and compensation packages.


The CGTA is also fighting the corner of our members on all of these matters at the moment. We are expecting to be given a full appraisal of the projected costs and charges in the next couple of weeks, and we will provide you with an update on that in December.


Kind regards,
Gary Marshall