After the very important meeting on tuesday 12th August the tenants had realised that Jan Lloyd has been making countless errors .The questions directed at Jan Lloyd exposed a lack of understanding and gave the chairman nowhere to hide. Almost everybody who came to the meeting voted unanimously in vote of no confidence . We all felt let down by our CEO who should of put the market first not the residential development. The CGTA suggests that Jan Lloyd steps down or be removed .She failed to mention the environmental impact this redevelopment may have on the market not to mention the health and safety issues. Many people in the area are aware of the chaos that the new sainsburys redevelopment has bought to the area and many still have no idea just how bad things could get once the development starts. A major threat is noise pollution .Obviously this is a large project and this means major plant machinery & constant lorries coming through your community 24/7 . Not to mention the air pollution.