NCGM traders threaten legal action

Read the full article on fruitnet here http://www.fruitnet.com/fpj/article/175669/ncgm-traders-threaten-legal-action

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IDU update

With the IDU now certified by the Independent Assessor as practically complete, I thought now would be a good time to update you on where we currently stand. Starting with the IDU, whilst it has been certified as practically complete, those tenants moving into the IDU will not do so before February 2018. This 3 [...]

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information regarding the extension leases.

With completion of the extension leases of your current units prior to your occupation of the IDU, I thought now would be a good idea to update you on where we currently stand. As you know, due to the delay in developing the IDU to the extent that the original deadline for completion was missed, [...]

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‘Toughest time in our history,’ says New Covent Garden

Fresh produce Journal reports the latest on the New Market Re-Developments. Head of tenants’ association criticises market authority for running behind schedule and ‘driving away customers’ at lunch reception Read more on this story from FPJ here. 

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More Protests likely to happen

read the full article on Fruitnet regarding protests at new covent garden market.

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20th September protest details

At 9am on Tuesday 20th September there was a massive demonstration of Tenants, Customers and Workers of New Covent Garden Market. Following the refusal of the CGMA Board to meet with the tenant community's representative body, CGTA, the aim was for the tenant community, to discuss the unworkable decant, migration, and latest road plans. The [...]

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development update 16th June 2016

Vinci Helpline 07767 006 599 This is the emergency 24hour helpline for any problems or concerns that may arise with the developer, Vinci. If you have any cause to contact them could you please make the CGTA aware of your complaint and also the response that you receive from them.

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market development update

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Lord Gardiner of Kimble, visits the market

The Minister, Lord Gardiner of Kimble, visited the Market on Thursday 19th November at midnight.  He was escorted by Robert Hurren, from County Supplies, and Nick Padley, from Sidesalads. The Minister showed great interest in the market and agreed with many of the concerns put forward by the CGTA Team. It is a first for [...]

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Latest rent review news (important)

Please see the attached pdf document regarding rent reviews   CCE10042015_0002

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