At 9am on Tuesday 20th September there was a massive demonstration of Tenants, Customers and Workers of New Covent Garden Market.

Following the refusal of the CGMA Board to meet with the tenant community’s representative body, CGTA, the aim was for the tenant community, to discuss the unworkable decant, migration, and latest road plans. The CGMA Board have put many companies in serious risk of failure with their approval of the Development Agreement with VSM. However, no Board member would come out of the meeting yesterday morning to support the new CEO, and Operations Director, who were speaking to their tenants.

The Market was brought to a standstill by traders’ vehicles in a matter of minutes, clearly demonstrating how quickly road congestion can occur on the market, and what will undoubtedly happen again when the current road plan is implemented in different areas of the Market.

The tenant community will no longer accept being treated with such total disregard by the Board of the CGMA. It is the CGMA Board’s responsibility to work for the good of the Market and they have utterly failed in their duty of care to their tenants.

Unfortunately, as we are left with no other option, there may be further protests, on a far bigger scale, by the market community in the near future.

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